Case Study

Case Study 1
Mr Tang's use sharing

Mr Tang’s hands had suffered seriously from eczema, redness, peeling dry and itchy
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Case Study 2
Ms Lee's use sharing

Ms Lee’s hands had suffered seriously from eczema, redness, peeling dry and itchy. Plagued her for a month
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Case Study 3
Recovery in 5 days!

Customer Princess Thai, whose baby – Kiu Kiu had severe eczema on her face and neck, which led to appearance of redness on her face.
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Case Study 4
Beauty Recover Balm

Our customer, Yoko, has a six-month-old baby called Coconut Candy, who suffered from relatively dry skin, eczema and Seborrhoeic dermatitis, as a result of dry, peeling and redness skin.
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Case Study 5
CHARISMS organic baby balm helps Yip Ching

Customer Winsome, whose baby Yip Ching had severe eczema on both sides of the cheek and elbows. Her skin becomes dry, red and itchy. Winsome so worried when those symptoms came, her daughter will scratch her skin and cause any injures or infections.
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Case Study 6
Jenifer and Baby Haris

Customer Jennifer has a one-month-old baby, Haris, who had eczema on his face, hand and foot. Because of the constant scratching, Haris's skin became split, bleed and infection. Haris’s skin then appeared dry, scaly, red and itchy.
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Case Study 7
CHARISMS helps family to improve their skin conditions

Customer Maggie, whose baby – Cheuk Lam had eczema on face since birth, Maggie kept seeking different skin care products for her baby in order to treat the situation of eczema.
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